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- Once we make contact with others, we communicate and we continue to do so until we draw our last breath - Even though many of our messages are not verbalized, we nonetheless send messages to others-intentionally and sometimes unintentionally - Most people spend 80-90 percent of their waking hours communicating with others[1]. It is through these interactions with others that we develop interpersonal relationships[2]


• Interpersonal means involving relations between people • Communication means process of acting on information • Interpersonal communication means a mutual human communication to manage relationship • Human communication means a process of making sense out of the world and sharing that sense with others by creating meaning through the use of verbal and nonverbal messages[3] • We learn about the world by listening, observing, tasting, touching, and smelling; then we share our conclusions with others. • Human comm. encompasses many media: , songs, radio and tv broadcasts, e-mail, letters, books, articles, poems and advertisements

i) Interpersonal Communication Is A Distinctive Form of Communication - Interpersonal comm. is defined not just by the number of people who communicate, but by the quality of the communication - The communicators have develop an attitude toward each other that is honest, open, spontaneous,nonjudgemental, and based on equality and not superiority[4]

ii) Interpersonal Communication Involves Mutual Influence Between Individuals - Mutual influence means that all partners are affected by a transaction, not just one person. It may or may not involve words - The degree of mutual influence varies a great deal from transaction to transaction and every transaction influences us - Long lasting interpersonal relationships are sustained not by one person giving and another person taking but by a spirit of mutual equality. Both you and your partner listen and respond with respect for each other - Its not about losing and winning an argument. It’s about being understood and accepted[5] - The quality of interpersonal comm. is enhanced when both you and your partner are simultaneously present and focused on each other

iii) Interpersonal Communication Is The Fundamental Means We Use to Manage Our Relationships

- Relationships go through a series of developmental stages. - The initial of the involves sharing less intimate or personal information. Later stages include more intimate conversations with others whom you find attractive in some way. - You seek to increase your interactions with people with whom you wish to develop relationship - You also use interpersonal comm. to end relationships that you have decided are no longer visible


1. Being skilled in interpersonal communication can improve relationships with family - Can help to bring harmony if you learn principles and skills of interpersonal comm. - Can develop more options to respond when family communication challenges come your way - Can develop creative, constructive solutions to family conflict - Family communication author Virginia Satir calls family communication “the largest single factor determining the kinds of relationships (people make) with others[6]

2. Being skilled in interpersonal communication can improve relationships with friends and lovers - Friends are people that you choose to be with because you like them, and usually they like you - Can help to understand the insights into behaviours - For unmarried people, developing friendships and falling in love are the top-rated sources of satisfaction and happiness in...
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