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Interviewing Stages

By clairas Sep 08, 2011 1222 Words
When working with clients it is very important to provide a service that is very effective. That is the key of anyone working with trying to help and grow client. Some ways to be effective when working with a client are, assessment, contracting, setting of goals, and evaluation. All of this plays a big role when interviewing and working on helping a client grow through a situation. Freydia is a 27-year-old mother who has came to the drug program for help. She has been addicted to crack cocaine for several years. Her two children ages 7 and 9 have been removed from her custody and are now part of Child Protective Services and are currently living with the client’s mother. In the drug program sessions Freydia has talked about wanting to get custody of her children again. When working with Freydia, It is important that we work through the four stages of our agreement. Which are, assessment, contracting, setting of goals, and evaluation. These four things are important to insure that the interviewing process with the client goes according to plan. Assessment is important to help gather and analyze the information about the client. Including their story up to today and finding what the big picture is on influencing the client’s story. Creating an outline to have a clear assessment is a good way to have the client’s information clearly written out. Goal setting lets the client know what the outcome of the relationship and both agree upon it. Talking with the client on where they would like to see themselves with their work together. Contracting with a client involves developing a working agreement between the client and the clinician and any one else that is significant to the situation. Evaluation is something that is ongoing with the client they should always bee being examined by the clinician. Common things in evaluation are looking for the progress and effectives in the client. Taking these four stages into practice is important with helping out clients.

When working with Freydia it was important to keep the four stages in giving her support and understanding in the interviewing process. I started off by using the assessment outline and getting the clients name a way to contact her. She is 27 she is currently not in a relationship and has an employment job at a local department store after getting clean. She graduated from high school and hopes to get her real estate license to be able to fully support her children. Her problem was crack cocaine and was addicted for several years, which lead to her children being taken away from her. Her problem was crack cocaine and turned to the drug because of a friend. She started off and it was not that big of a deal but over time it started to take over her life and became her co dependent and soon was unfit to take care of her children. Freydia is a determined women, she is determined to get her children back and stay clean for the rest of her life. Freydia talked about how her father was an alcoholic and how it affected how she was brought up. He was never able to keep a job; he wasn’t able to support the family. Freydia discusses that she never wanted to be that to her children, even though she has done the same she is determined to give them a different life. After getting clean freydia has started to be actively attending a local catholic church. And is apart of a support group at the church for addictions, that meets weekly. Freydia seems to be emotionally stable, still is dealing with where her chooses have taken her, but is willing to work on accomplishing something different. She seems to have great motivation to change the life for her family.

Working with Fredyia goal setting is key and she seems to already have a few to ensure that she is making the right decisions for her children. One of her strengths is that she is determined when she sets her mind to a specific topic. Also that she enjoys being around people, she wants to get her real estate license to ensure a good working job and income for her children. The issue that we talked about is what if she gets her license and still is unable to sustain and decent income to support the children. We did not come up with a solution but it was important to talk about the fact that even though she has goals they might work out according to plan. We talked about short-term goals she could work on now. One is staying clean, keeping her job, working to get back her children. And her long-term goal is a real estate license.

Contracting with Fredyia involved working out an agreement between the two of us. We wrote down her goals, described the roles and responsibilities involved for both of us. Talked about having weekly meetings to discuss her progress and thoughts about what is going on in her life. Freydia and I discusses the consequences if either of us fail to carry out the goals that we had discusses. This was not a type of contract was informal we did not sign papers but we verbally discussed what was expected out of each other for exceptional growth. Freydia seems to not need the agreement on paper, because she seems to fully understand what is expected of her.

Evaluation is an ongoing situation when working with Fredyia, it is constantly something that needs to be done to ensure that the sessions are effective. Reviewing the notes that were made during our sessions is key because I may have missed something important that still needs to be addressed with her. Checking to see if she is on track for the goals that she has set up for herself, and that we are sticking to our contract. Evaluating if any new strength has came to sight or weakness. Fredyia seems to be staying right on track with her goals she has stayed clean, kept her job and is gaining custody of her children again very soon. Freydia now has to decide when and how to go about getting her real estate license.

I enjoyed going through the process of coming up with a hypothetical person and how to go through the steps on helping them, and staying organized with everything while helping them. I learned a lot from reading outside articles instead of just the book. This articles showed in depth how to help a client. Doing this process has shown me that it is a lot of work to stay on track with a client but that hard work will pay off because you will be organized which will make helping them even more efficient.


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