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Revolution and Reform of Developed Nations:
ISIS in Iraq
Throughout the year of 2014, we have heard a lot over the extremist group the Islamist State of Iraq and Iraq who is also known as ISIS or IS. This group has brought many challenges, and most importantly numerous casualties of innocent people to the state of Iraq and other countries’. Since the start of ISIS the United States has been working with Iraq to dismantle the terrorist group. Geography

Just a rough history Iraq, it is located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, and in between Iran and Kuwait (The World FactBook, 2014). The state inhabits roughly thirty-three million people, who are mainly Arab and speak Arabic with a religious background of Muslim (The WorldFactbook, 2014). We also need to keep in mind with the previous regime under Hussein and now ISIS, there has been many Christian families fleeing out of Iraq and into nearby states such as Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, due not wanting to convert into Muslim religion. Who is ISIS?

ISIS which also stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the group is predominantly Sunni jihadist, a jihadist is a person who believes the entire community of Muslims be governed under sharia law (Amy Zalman, 2014), and if any one objects to the believes they will be dealt with in violence. The jihadi term can be found in the Quran. Their aim is to establish a caliphate which is based on sharia law. Shariah law comes from the actions and words of Muhammad who is the author of the Quran, it happens to be one of the most intrusive and strict, especially against women (Sharia law, 2014). The law covers a wide range of topics from public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. There are certain consequences when the law is broken, for example, if a person is convicted of theft, the person will have their right hand amputated , or in a case some denies or insults the Quran one can be put to death, and the lists goes on with the outrages consequences against humanity (Amy Zalman, 2014). There has been research that shows the majority of Muslims would prefer to live under sharia law rather than a system of democracy. Sounds quite unbelievable but it is true. ISIS in the Making

Before ISIS there was al-Qaeda, a terrorist group that was created by Abus Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, by birth he was Jordanian and transformed himself into a “nationless freelance” (Lee Hudson Teslik, 2006). In 2004, the same year he pledged his group with Usama Bin Ladin’s group al- Qaeda (Al-Qa’Ida in Iraq, 2014). Al-Qaeda, has a different intent when it was first founded by Bin Laden and Muhammad Atef, they simply wanted to drive U.S forces out of Saudi Arabia peninsula and Somalia with force and violence (Background: ALQaeda, 2014). Al- Qaeda also too wanted to keep any type of non- Islamic government out of the Middles East. AQI and ISIS are different in some ways, first ISIS has fought more conventional than what AQI, second they have territory and declared caliphate in northern Syria, unlike AQI they want to establish an Islamic Caliphate, but in a slow pace approach, and lastly, ISIS is ten times more brutal than what AQI was(Kristina Wong, 2014). Zarqawi in other hand created a “four pronged strategy” to isolate U.S. forces by targeting its allies, targeting the government, and attacking civilians as well (Zachary Laub, 2014). Three years later in 2007 Al- Zarqawi was killed by US airstrike, soon after the groups announced their new leader Abu Ayyub al- Masri and soon created the Islamist State of Iraq to increase the group’s interests, and later become known as ISIS. (Al-Qaeda in Iraq, 2014). In the next three years AQI continued to fight the Iraqi government who restricted them from any government participation and any safety, in 2010 Abu Ayyub al-Masri was killed which marked a significant loss for the organization and Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi became leader. (Al- Qa’ida in Iraq, 2014). Al-Baghdadi was a born a Sunni in 1971...
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