Job Shadowing an Ob Nurse

Topics: Childbirth, Computer, Patient Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Job Shadowing an Obstetric Nurse

As a senior, I had the opportunity to job shadow an OB nurse at. During my time in the baby/mother area of Carilion Hospital, I experienced the admission process and discharge process of patients. I observed both mother patients and baby patients being assessed for vitals and given vaccinations. After each assessment was done, I observed my mentor as she put the information into the hospital date base program called “EPIC”. I observed 2 babies getting their hearing screened. I was also able to observe the tasks of a baby photographer, a nutritionist, and a brief consultation with a lactation educator. My mentor allowed me to listen to two heart beats of different babies; one with a murmur, the other without. I helped with simple tasks such as retrieving ice water and drinks and preparing a bed for a patient. My mentor showed me how to analyze the abundance of data on the main computer screen. This computer screen showed information such as what type of delivery was preformed (C-section or vaginal delivery), how the baby is to be fed (i.e. breastfeeding, formula), where the baby is being kept (NICU or nursery), etc. I witnessed a baby’s first bath, which can only be given after the baby is has a stable temperature. For this reason, most babies in the NICU will not have their first bath until weeks or months after they have been born. One thing that is not common that I had the opportunity to see was a patient with a nasogastric intubation (aspiration). The reason for her having this was because she had an abundance of fluids in her stomach, even after she had delivered her baby, and these fluids were not draining. Although I did not get to observe this next condition first hand due to the baby being placed in the NICU, I was informed that there was a baby born with gastroschisis. Gastroschisis is a disorder in which the baby is born with part of its intestines outside of its body, via the umbilical cord. My mentor described this...
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