Key Terms of Benedict Anderson

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• Purpose in mind
Albert Lau feels that national history is established with a particular intention. The nature of this purpose could either be in a nation’s effort to foster a sense of belonging or even identify amongst its citizens or the state’s means to nation-building. In the context of Singapore, the perspective in which the Singapore Story, the official national history, is written is one which can be used in achieved in its “agenda of nation-building”.

• Shaper of national identity
The spreading of the national identity is a vital strategy the Singapore government employs as a measure to foster a sense of belonging and affinity to the nation. The Singapore nation was borne out of catastrophe and disharmony and there was an immense pressure on the government to preserve our heritage and establish a homogenous society with a shared vision for the future. The “deliberative use of history in the fashioning of a national narrative” is hence employed as a tool to shape national identity which inevitably sterhtyesn and aids our survival. • Political

The national history of Singapore used in the development of nation building undeniably is a political method of achieving the government’s • Subjective
With the main aim of
• Legitimize
The use of national history as evidence for the consolidation of power and ability to foster a sense of identity is ultimately a legitimate claim with the backing of the past. No one can deny nor reject the past and

There is an adage that says change is inevitable. The way a myriad of things such as dressing, language, food and even culture of society keeps changing with time. Among the things that keep on changing, norms and a nation itself are not exceptions. They have also fallen victim to change. A nation is in itself continuously undergoing change and evolving. It never remains stagnated and

One of the traditions that have changed with time is the way...
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