Krik Krak

Topics: Childbirth, Black-and-white films, Oliver Hardy filmography Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Thesis: in the story krik krak danticat uses symbols to discuss the struggles in haiti. like celianne, blackbutterflies, and banyan tree


Danticat discusses the struggles in the story Kirk? Krak! One of the struggles is Celianne. Celianne is a young pregnant girl of the age 15. She took off on a boat that’s supposed to go to Miami. The way she got pregnant and on this boat is really sad as she constantly repeated it on the boat. As she would constantly say on the boat, one night she was home with her mother and Brother Lionel when 10 or 12 soldiers barged into their house. The soldiers held a gun towards Lionel’s head and ordered him to have intimacy with his mother even though he didn’t want to. After that the soldiers tied up Lionel and his mother. Once they were tied up together they all took turns raping Celianne. When all of that was done the soldiers arrested Lionel accusing him of crimes he didn’t even do. He was just a normal innocent little boy spending time with his family. Celianne didn’t know how to take any of this. So what she decided to do is take a razor and cut her face all up so that no one will recognize her. When she found out about the boat she decided to get on it and leave. As she was on the boat she didn’t have the right nutrition. Days would go by and she wouldn’t eat at all. If she ate she will eat a piece of bread that one of the other girls gave her. Celianne will just sit on a little corner on the boat and just stay there. She hardly talked to anyone. Since Celianne use to just sit on her little corner and only eat when the other girl gave her a piece of bread. She constantly got sick. Everyone on the boat felt bad for her, and her situation. Another cause of her lack of nutrition she always had false contractions. But one day she got another contraction but this time it wasn’t false. Every one on the boat surrounded her and helped her give birth. Celianne decided to name her baby Swiss when she was born because...
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