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Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Fetus Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: April 5, 2013
The issue that is being explored in this article is Chrissie Swan got caught smoking whilst being pregnant. The text type of this article is an opinion piece because the author is expressing her views on this is wrong to do because it can cause harm to the unborn baby. The tone and style of this piece is very strong in say no you should not do this. The headline of this piece is “Pregnant women who smoke are easy targets fro the morality police.” The author is Anne Davis from the age newspaper, and it was written on the 7th of February

Davis’ main argument is that people should not judge Chrissie Swan for smoking whilst pregnant because it is a habit that she has and she can’t stop it. Why are you judging Chrissie? Because she is a radio and T.V. star and is in the public eye. “Up until six years ago Chrissie was a full-time smoker, she had her son Leo and stopped for two full years” she started smoking again “About a year go” and claim to be “What you would call not a real smoker.” She felt like she had to “Fess up” about it because of the publics harsh tone and disgusted with her. “For some people it is very hard to quit,” smoking so why look at Chrissie in hatred and disgust. “Pregnant woman face the same challenges as the rest of the community” don’t judge Chrissie Swan because she is just like any of you.

People are attacking Chrissie when they are smokers themselves and are judging Chrissie for doing what they are doing to their bodies. People should stop being so harsh on Chrissie because it is her habit and she can’t help it. It will cause harm to people no matter if they are pregnant or not. People who smoke are judging Chrissie when they should be judging themselves because they are harming their only bodies. People should worry about what they are doing to themselves rather than what others are doing around them.

Davis’ tries to show the other readers who are in disgust of Chrissie Swan that she cares about them by saying “A baby of low birth...
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