Latin American Popular Culture's Transformed into Global Cultures

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Harley Owners Group, Motorcycle Pages: 1 (438 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Harley Davidson realized that it sells customers much more than a two wheeler vehicle. The company sells customers a feeling of independence, individualism and a sense of freedom that “gets into the soul” of the customers. The company realized that the customers pride and strong emotional attachments make Harley Davidson ownership more of a lifestyle rather than a product consumption experience. In order to enhance and support the customer’s lifestyle, the company networks with its riders. , Harley-Davidson engages its customer base through company-sponsored travel adventures, events, and other things, such as clothes and accessories both for riders and for those who simply like to associate with the brand. This interaction with the customer base, serves to cultivate a strong customer relationship and also as an important marketing tool. Harley Davidson recognized the value of engagement with their customers and built a club for their riders. They created the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), which gives Harley riders a way to share their common passion. The club offers members special benefits and creates member communities. H.O.G. membership benefits include two magazines (Hog Tales and Enthusiast), a H.O.G. Touring Handbook, a roadside assistance program, a specially designed insurance program, theft reward service, a travel center, and a “Fly & Ride” program enabling members to rent Harleys while on vacation. Harley Davidson is dedicated to the customer experience and to determine their needs regarding Harley’s products and services. The H.O.G clubs primary focus is listening to the voice of the customer and taking action to create the ultimate Harley lifestyle. Harley-Davidson’s H.O.G. division creates many opportunities for interaction with their customers to gain valuable feedback to strengthen their brand, their products and the loyalty of their customers.  The staff surveys them, they talk to them, they ride with them and, most importantly, they create...

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