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Topics: Leadership, United States Army, Management Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: June 14, 2014
SGT Marshall, Stefanie
FBCH B Co Ophthalmology
10 June 2014
Leadership is the highest quality that the military holds dear. Leadership is defined by several dictionaries as the ability to guide and direct. As a future non-commissioned officer (NCO), I feel the most important duty is to do just that --- guide and direct soldiers. It is certainly a passion of mine to be able to increase overall readiness of the Army by successfully leading my soldiers.

One part of leadership, guiding soldiers, is a very involved task in itself. It involves educating soldiers with all the resources available. It also calls for constant, thorough, and effective communication with soldiers. But most importantly, it calls for setting the example as a non-commissioned officer and inspiring subordinates to follow that lead. NCOs are to display the characteristics of LDRSHIP; leadership, duty, respect, selfless service, honesty, integrity, and personal courage. Additionally, there are other characteristics an NCO must display to install good leadership qualities in subordinates. NCOs lead others at the ground level, where important day-to-day fundamental Army work is done. Most live and work directly with Soldier and are the constant, and sometimes the first , example subordinates have to observe leadership in action. NCO responsibilities include identifying, teaching and using each Soldier according to their strengths while simultaneously detecting weaknesses and assisting each Soldier to overcome them. NCOs must make the difficult choices and be the role model for Soldiers. As a leader, an NCO must always do what is right. Currently, while working in the clinic and in other activities in the clinic, I get chances to achieve these goals with soldiers, sailors and civilians alike in the clinic. It is very satisfying to help them grow in all aspects. Missions are best carried out when there is a combined leadership....
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