Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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Legalizing Medical Marijuana
March 23, 2014
Dr. William Rankin

Legalizing Medical Marijuana
Ludmilla Lelis of the McClatchy – Tribune Business News discusses the legalization of marijuana in Florida. She writes Medical marijuana has been legalized in 20 states and the District of Columbia for a wide range of medical conditions -- cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS and Lou Gehrig's disease, as well as epilepsy. Why would we deny someone who is terminally ill the most compassion and the most mercy at the end of their lives? Anecdotal evidence and a growing body of studies show medical benefits from marijuana as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory drug that is less addictive and has fewer side effects than other pain medications already available by prescription” (Lelis, 2013 para 1). There are three good reasons that I disagree with this article. First it is against the law. It even mentions that “it’s illegal under federal law but it is not high on the list of priorities to prosecute” (Lelis, 2013, para 3). Whether or not the laws are enforced, they are still on the books and need to be respected. Second, the smokers of marijuana affect others around them. We have all been to concerts where someone has smoked a joint. Depending on the venue, nonusers can experience the feeling that marijuana sensation just as if they were smoking it themselves. The notation that the use of marijuana only affects the user is not true. If the user starts to operate vehicles, then they become impaired similar to those who drink and drive. Lastly those who want marijuana legalized use the argument “that it is less addictive and has fewer side effects than other pain medications available by prescription” (Lelis, 2013, para 4). According to a study by researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York note that marijuana is often called a: gateway drug, suggesting addiction to one drug could make a person vulnerable to abuse...

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