Lies the Media Tells Us Chapter 3 Big Pharma

Topics: Pharmacology, AstraZeneca, Pharmaceutical industry Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: May 9, 2011
Going to the doctor’s office is never a fun experience. Probing, poking, and trying to decipher what the doc writes on your prescription can be confusing, however, the most upsetting part is what goes on behind closed doors. Big Pharma, chapter 3 of Lies the Media Tells Us, explains the PR tactics of drug companies. James Winter explains these tactics used to persuade doctors to use their brand. In some cases these doctors can get free vacations, cars, front row seating for a basketball game, and a stack of cash. The doctors that respond to these tactics are completely unethical. Doctors have the responsibility to prescribe the best drugs for their patients. Although many Doctors pick what gives the best gift package.

Doctors have also been known to push drugs onto patients that may not really need it. This is due to the continual widening of guidelines. This widening is increasing proportions of the population so there are more candidates that fit into the category. This is when a condition gets called a disease. The best case scenario of this is Viagra. Viagra is for male sexual deficiency that has been shoved down America’s throat. There were many discrete commercials about it during day time air and more explicit commercials at night. There were also several celebrity endorsements, Hugh Hefner was glorified for being a user. What drug companies aim for are life-long medication users. These candidates are a gold mine for companies because they have created a dependency for the drug. Another highly publicized “disease” is high cholesterol.The Pfizer drug company has pushed their cholesterol pills for a decade now and all the marketing has worked. However, what they don’t tell you is that these pills run the risk of having more side effects than lowering cholesterol. By law these commercials need to state the side effects but when your being prescribed most doctors don’t dwell on these facts. This is wrong when there are better natural forms available....
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