Topics: Pharmacology, Therapeutic effect, Drugs Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: February 2, 2014
1. Describe the three medical uses for drugs and give examples. (2 points) The three medical uses for drugs include to prevent disease, diagnose disease, and to treat signs, symptoms, conditions, and diseases. Examples could include, preventive use(prophylaxis) diagnostic use(radiopaque), and therapeutic use(antibiotic drugs)

2. Give the meaning of and describe the linguistic origin of the symbol Rx. (2 points)

3. Give the name of a medication in current usage that originated from the natural source of: foxglove plant, sheep’s wool, rose hips, mold, poppy and periwinkle. (2 points)

4. Describe four ways in which a new drug can be discovered or created. (2 points)

5. What types of drug characteristics/effects are studied during each of the three phases of human testing of a drug prior to FDA approval? (3 points)

6. How do computers assist in the designing of new drugs? (2 points)

7. What is the reason for manufacturing a drug as an enteric-coated tablet? (2 points)

8. Describe the difference between an elixir and a syrup. (1 point)

9. What can be done with a scored tablet that cannot be done with other tablets? (1 point)

10. Differentiate between the feel, appearance, and consistency of an ointment versus a cream versus a lotion. (3 points)

11. Differentiate between the I.V push, I.V. drip, and I.V. piggyback methods of administration. (3 points)

12. What is meant by the phrase first pass effect? (2 points)

13. What is the function of the blood-brain barrier? (1 point)

14. Describe the difference between local and systemic drug effects? (1 point)

15. Differentiate between a drug’s therapeutic effect and a side effect. (1 point)

16. Describe the lock-and-key concept as it pertains to a drug and a receptor. (2 points)

17. Give an example of a synergistic drug-drug interaction and of an antagonistic drug-drug interaction. (3 points)

18. Define the terms Rx, #, Sig., and DEA. (3 points)

19. How dose a...
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