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What is a life experience that has helped to shape this person?  How has this experienced impacted this person?

Born and raised in India, at age 34 in 1994, Madhava Reddy, took his first breath of fresh air in the land of opportunity. Madhava Reddy wanted to become a pharmacist in America. With dedication, studying, and internships, Madhava was able to achieve his dream and received his pharmacy license. While he worked as a formulation scientist in a generic pharmaceutical company, he was inspired in starting his own pharmaceutical company. In June 2003 his dream was born as he signed the agreement of partnering with his best friend and colleague to start Invagen, their own generic pharmaceutical company. He put in 3 hard years of research, development; not even producing profits. In June 2008 the manufacturing had begun sales were $5million. With long hours, running around, and leadership of Madhava Reddy annual sales were able to exceed $200million. Invagen was now producing 6 billion tablets, capsules, and various medicines per year. My dad was able to be proud of his achievements and most importantly able to turn his dreams into reality because of his emigration to America. He treated Invagen like his baby; At times he worked from 8:0 A.M. to 8:30 P.M and would go back at midnight to check his to make sure there weren’t any problems. Through his encounter in America Madhava Reddy leadership skills improved, his knowledge of business and pharmacy have improved. Madhava Reddy is an exemplar of the American Dream; he was able to become a successful entrepreneur by putting his upmost determination and hard work. The
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