Man Thinks God Laughs

Topics: Prescription drug, Thought, Human Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: June 22, 2011
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LaSheia S. Foots
7 Sept. 2009
College Grammar
Dr. E. Egar
“Man Thinks, God Laughs”
When it comes to the challenges of life, man uses a very different approach than that of God. The world as we know it has become a massive ball of confusion. We are constantly thinking of technological advancements, depending on experts, and the overly analytical minds of people to better our world.

People all over the world would agree that humans as a species are superior over every other creature in the world. This is believed by many because of our ability to use brain power. We often times give ourselves entirely too much recognition for things. Advanced Technology is responsible for just as many catastrophic outcomes as it is for positive outcomes. When weighing the pros and cons of these advancements, just how beneficial are they? For example, God equipped us with two feet as a way of getting from one destination to another. Through deep thoughts of many people, we now have the vehicle. Today, the vehicle is responsible for more fatalities than all natural disasters combined. Another example of technology is firearms. God supplied us with natural resources that were originally used to make weapons to meet the needs of the people. Humans designed what they thought to be a beneficial weapon. As this innovation is used to benefit humans, it is also responsible for thousands of fatalities all over the world. As technology advances, people dedicate many years to the study of our world. This is done Foots 2

in order to obtain information about how it functions and how to better our conditions. Once those individuals have studied what they feel is all there is to study, they are considered as experts.

The interesting thing about experts is that these people are highly relied upon individuals to in a sense “save the world”. For example, Cancer, scientists have spent countless years studying this disease and how it works. These experts are...
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