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Change management is very vital role any organisation. In this report during part one it’s analyse hoe Harley Davidson did their change management. During the part two of report its been dedicated to discuss how Harley Davidson main competitor Honda did their change process. To assist to discuss change process of Harley Davidson author have selected three main change theory such as Lewin, Planning and Gaplin model. The significant if individual change and organisational change also taken in to consideration apart from Harley Davidson various change process. There was attempt to collaborate how group behaviour change affect to Harley Davidson change process.


Organisations are surrounded by the very volatile environment and it’s have definitely huge impact to its operation and also short and long term success. Successful management of change is one of the key requirement of contemporary business environments ( Todnem, 2005). There are various change influence affect to organisations and individual either from external and internal environmental factors and push for need of change. Every success organisation are been change their original strategy and practice due to many reasons. Change management is one of the leading topic ion modern management contexts. There are many factors affecting to change such as competition, economic situation, legislation changes, technological changes, natural world impacts. Different organisations have different circumstance which causes to change. For the same point one organisation need to change hundred percent while some organisation need only ten percent change. Either big or small all organisations despite its roots or origins need to go through change process some point of their life span.

Part one:

Individual change and organisation change:

When it comes to change in modern management era there are many different change process could be identified. Individual change could be considered as separate from organisation and also part of it (Sharma, 2008). Individual changes occur when certain individual indentified change need him or herself or due to external factors influence. Organisational change is quite different from the individual change process due to many factors. Individual decision making process are easy compared to organisational decision making process because individual do not required to take consultation from stake holders except own capacity like organisation. From the organisation point of view there are more area need to consider before any change initiatives take place as it could lead to lose customers, profitability, market position and many other factors. The needs of organisational change also generate from individual mind either from workers or managers but implementation is different. On the other hand individual change is consider as part of organisation change process and is demand when organisation goes on change process but individual need of change not required to affect to organisation. According to Callen (1993) change process is stressful experience for many individual. On the other hand individual change may required as result of stress and other influences.

Harley Davidson motor cycle is very distinguish brand name and associate with American biker culture over many decades and it have very strong brand name throughout the world. I have selected few change management theories which could use as guidance path to analyse and discuss change management process their (Harley Davidson) change process. There are different change management process could be identified with in any organisation and its not required to follow single source of change as long as its benefits to organisation and its objectives.

Organisational change models:

Lewin model :

This model basically concentrate into three level of change process and also three level of management involvement to change...
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