Manam Review

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Manam: First things first. The movie is director Vikram Kumar's phenomenal saga. The adorable reincarnation love stories were the soul of the film and how they relate

to each other forms the rest of it. NagaChaitanya improved a lot in his dialogue articulation/expressions. His costumes were splendid. Samantha's acting was incredibly

impressive and she was exquisite throughout the movie. The major part of the story runs around Nag's character. Shreya was perfect for him.

Nageshwar Rao's last screen presence was an added advantage for the film. Watch out for the drunken comedy scenes between Chaitu and Nageshwar Rao. Brahmi's role was

limited and there was no use of him. Ali raised few laughs with his trademark kufli dialogues. Sapthagiri and MS.Narayana's role was amusing. However there was no

separate comedy track required as the movie carries the entertainment on its own.

The screenplay handled by Vikram Kumar was brilliant and he appeared as a virtuoso especially the way he connects the common scenes in both reincarnations.

Musiq by Anoop Rubens filled life into the movie. All the song compositions were melodic and the background music was euphonious. cineamatography by P.S Vinod is


On one note a movie filled with plenty of Love. Go..Watch it for the jubilant feel. Don't miss it.


RaceGurram: Surender Reddy got a real horsepower this time in the form of Bunny. The story of two brothers who always fight and dislike each other, but how Bunny

solves his brother's problem forms the rest of the story. But the major part of the story deals with what happens if the Police Power is used in a proper way.

Bunny is a live wire who always improves his style and acting from his previous flicks. No complaints from this guy. His attire is notably striking. Need not mention

about the dances and his steps in the song Down Down were overwhelming impressive, once...
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