Market Research and Recommendation- Otc Drugs (Packaging and Labelling) for Indian Market

Topics: Marketing, Pharmacology, Over-the-counter drug Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 6, 2010

The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a drastic change with the new strategies and regulations being introduced. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for pharmaceutical companies on packaging and labelling are constantly evolving to meet new challenges and demands as consumers’ attitude is shifting towards prevention and wellness and hence to the Over the Counter ( OTC) medicines. Given that packaging and labelling are among the most innovative and dynamic aspects within the pharmaceutical company that need to be focused upon and managed well. Companies needs to keep the balance between the trade off among meeting the regulatory norms for packaging & labelling along with aggressively marketing their OTC drugs to influence customers. The main purpose in writing this project report is to explore the ways in which communities of consumer mindset, design, and innovation are merging and influencing each other in the world of pharmaceutical industry to create new OTC drugs. What important role do packaging and labelling have in OTC drugs, and how is its role changing? How new packaging & labelling trends are positioning OTC medicine in customers mind? What important features now a day’s are consumer looking for in OTC drugs? What factors should companies look for to meet consumers need in present scenario? This project report is source of information and data relating to marketing research conducted in association to Anglo French Drug & Industries Ltd., Bangalore as a part of summer training. Research data for project was gathered through internet (secondary data), while field research was conducted at various parts of Bangalore aiming to determine the consumers’ response to different packaging and labelling of OTC drugs in the market (primary data). Significant findings and suggestions regarding packaging & labelling strategies for...
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