Marketing Analysis of Harley Davidson

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Student: Floyd “Sam GreeneAssignment #1
According to The official Harley Davidson website, the company was started by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson in 1901. When William Harley completed his blueprint of an engine designed to fit in a bicycle. The article states the first production model that was made available to the public was “built to be a racing model”. The website, further explains the two friends were later joined by Walter Davidson and William Davidson and incorporated in 1907. The article talks about the inspiration to build upon the new turn of the century invention the bicycle which was taking the nation by storm. The Arthur talks about the time period from 1903-1907 as the” growth and development” stage of the company, increasing production from 50 motor cycles to around 1000 a year. The company logo “bar and shield “design would emerge in 1910 and be trademarked in 1911. This famed Logo is still in use today. Over the years, Harley Davidson as grown to become an iconic company, evolving in both product development and Marketing strategies. Target Market:

Harley Davidson Motor Company has had several target markets during its history. Early in the company history Harley Davidson targeted the racing enthusiast and developed a reputation of manufacturing “reliable and unusually fast motorcycles” ( By 1910 the company Increased production to 3,200 bikes per year. Harley Davidsons marketing would be considered a psychographic segmentation, which is a life style. However over the years the company has used several marketing strategies, the article found at talks about how Harley Davidson targeted both police departments and the U.S. government. Separate from the government campaigns Harley Davidson is considered a Life Style and grown to a production line of not only motorcycles, but protective clothing and...
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