Maternity Case Study

Topics: Childbirth, Infant, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1287 words) Published: May 25, 2012
Case Study Part IV
Postpartum, Newborn, Breastfeeding

1. What’s the baby’s Ballard Score?
a. Term – baby is 40 weeks (score 41)
b. Preterm
c. Post term
2. What’s important to do in the first 72 hours post partum for Esperanza? * Esperanze must receive a Rhogam injection within the first 72 hrs because her baby’s BTG is A positive. 3. What is probably going on with the baby’s state of conciousness? * Newborn infants undergo a transition period from intrauterine to extrauterine during the first 8 hours of life. Esperanza’s baby went through a period of decreased responsiveness characterized by his sleepiness (lasts 30m – 2hrs) and then followed by a second period of reactivity. (can last 10m – several hrs). * All well newborns experience this transition regardless of gestational age and the length of time the periods last vary depending on the degree of stress from the birth. 4. Mention barriers for breastfeeding in the hospital

Many people look toward health professionals for advise, as a result one of the biggest misconceptions out there is that formula feeding is adequate for a newborn and breast feeding is just “a little bit better.” * Some practitioners are reluctant to strongly promote the benefits of breastfeeding because they don’t want to make a woman feel guilty for choosing to bottle feed. * Many health care providers in the hospital have little knowledge of practical management of breastfeeding and they are not preparied to assist with breastfeeding mothers. * Although many hospitals claim to offer family-centered maternity care, which promotes successful lactation. Policies that undermine breastfeeding initiation still reamain in place. * Distribution of products provided free of charge by commercial interests, such as baby bags made by infant formula manufacturers (regardless of whether they contain formula samples), has been shown to undermine breastfeeding success. * Limited access...
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