Media and Education

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This paper summarizes the relevant research and provides suggestions for maximizing the positive effects of media and minimizing the negative effects. One focus of this paper s is the seemingly unique effect of media on the education environment and society. Although research clearly demonstrates that well-designed, age-appropriate, educational media can be beneficial to children of preschool age, studies on infants and toddlers suggest that these young children may better understand and learn from real-life experiences than they do from video and also how can be crucial for adolescents before heading to their higher education. With respect to children over two, the authors emphasize the importance of content in mediating the effect of television on cognitive skills and academic achievement.

How did we get here?
Introduction of media on education
In 1982, the personal computer revolution was signaled by Time magazine’s naming “the computer” as its “man of the year”, shortly after IBM introduced its first mass marketed personal computer. Two years later Apple introduced the popular Macintosh model, which won many educational adherents. These events made a huge change in our society by introducing us to the new age or world called “technology”. The Internet has made many things possible that would have been difficult to imagine just a few decades ago. People are able to find information on almost any subject in a few seconds, and more people are able to educate themselves as a result. Many people have also found more opportunities for education through developments in online education. Accredited universities are offering a wide-range of courses for undergraduates and graduate students, and studying through the channels of the Internet has made higher education much more flexible. Although there were many educators and institutions that were skeptical on how effective online education could be and the usage of media on school can also have their different effects on children and adolescents, there have since been many success stories and statistics that have shown how beneficial it can be to learn through the usage of media or technology devices in the classrooms.

While to adults the Internet primarily means the World Wide Web, for children it means email, chat, games and here they are already content producers. “Too often neglected, except as a source of risk, these communication and entertainment focused activities, by contrast with the information-focused uses at the centre of public and policy agendas, are driving emerging media literacy” Livingstone, 2003, pp.15-16). Through such uses, children are most engaged multi-tasking, becoming proficient at navigation and maneuver so as to win, judging their participation and that of others, etc. Media is now a crucial tool that serves to network today’s younger generation but in the other hand media, can also be hazardous to our generation due to the bad habits that can generate media and technology in our children. How media is applied on education?

The increased use of digital media in the class¬room could be attributed to its greater availability and easier access on the Web. Internet search engines could be making it easier for K–12 teachers to make good use of valuable digital content for their lessons. The eighth annual PBS teacher survey on media and technology use reflects a deepening commitment to media and digital technology that connect teachers and their students to educational resources. With each passing year, teachers’ reliance on media and technology for classroom instruction and student engagement is increasing. Teacher’s value digital media as instructional resources that help them engage student interest, promote creativity and dif¬ferentiate instruction. Increasingly, teachers are turn¬ing to the Internet to access content that traditionally has been distributed via television broadcasts. Teacher’s value digital media...
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