Medical Bioethical

Topics: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Abortion Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Pregnant woman's involuntary hospitalization raises legal, ethical, medical questions

My newspaper article was about a woman named Samantha Burton, a pregnant woman who was forced to be hospitalized. She was 25 weeks pregnant and forced on “bed rest”. Although Burton’s doctor confirmed that she was not in labor. Burton’s doctor took matters in his own hands and came back with an attorney forcing Samantha Burton to stay in the hospital against her will. The attorney was on line with the judge John C. Cooper. Ms. Burton wanted to obtain prenatal care somewhere else and the courts ordered her to stay. In the ruling, the judge said, “The state had a right to ensure that children receive medical treatment which is necessary for the preservation of life and health”. "Does the state own the inside of a woman's womb that it can kind of intervene at will”? No, I say in my personal opinion and believe in Pro-choice of the “fetus”. I know smoking cigarette’s is wrong while pregnant but I have heard and read about worse that mother’s do while pregnant. According to legal precedents, Abrams said, doctors should have determined if the fetus was "viable," or could survive outside of the womb without medical heroics. There also should have been a second opinion, he said. I believe this is a prime example of why we need the “patient’s bill of rights” and the use of needing a second opinion. I was very shocked to read this newspaper article about this poor woman and everything she went thru for the state of medical and media views of her baby. This is a good view on medical ethics. I hope it doesn’t happen to another woman. We have the right to do what we will with our bodies and the state or hospital can’t force us to anything. I hope I covered everything in my paper. My paper is a bioethical and legal I believe. Thank you.
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