Medical Research

Topics: Pharmacology, Medicine, Prescription drug Pages: 3 (1198 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Mohammed Zaman
We are living in a era in which technological advances have made many things possible in different areas of science. Medicine is a huge area of research due to the constant struggle for more effective ways of staying healthy all the time. People need to be instantly gratified, and the technology makes it possible. However, people’s need for instant gratification often overlooks the harmful effects of medicine. Not only are health effects overlooked, people are naturally inclined to conform to what they feel is normal. In Ayn Rand’s novel, “Anthem”, people are living in darkness blindly following what everyone else is doing. This goes to show that people have and always will be pressured by conformity and social norms. Pharmaceutical companies take full advantage of this and continue promoting the wide use of western medicine. Although medicine provides a quick fix to our problems, our health is seriously affected in the future. An article from World of Forensic Science, Medicine, describes the concept of medicine in our times in order for us to fully understand it. Medicine is one of the most innovative branches of health sciences. It is the practice of finding, treatment, and prevention of different diseases. It includes many health care practices which are constantly changing to adapt to new diseases and our changing environment. Medicine is also used by crime research and is often used to determine the cause of death. Medicine utilizes biology, chemistry, and physics to maintain and restore the human body. The ultimate goal of medicine is to preserve the human race. Our theories on contemporary medicine were first introduced by the ancient Egyptians. They started with the concepts of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Medical researchers of that time period understood that in order to effectively use medicine for the betterment of human health, they needed to use the same methods that modern medicine uses. These findings were further...
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