Topics: Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Persuasive Speech Outline
Nathan Royce
April 15, 2013

1) Introduction
a) Attention-Getter-
i) Audience- Parents Psychologist
ii) Ethos builder – growing up in an pharmaceutical era b) Preview
iii) Emphasis on Medication
iv) Focus on Therapy
v) Positives of medication
c) Central idea
vi) Move away from the heavily medicated society we are becoming. 2) Main Point #1 emphasis on over medication
d) 61% of adults use at least one drug to treat a chronic health problems, 15% rise since 2001 e) Gretchen LeFever ,PhD, Eastern Virginia Medical School, study down on two Virginia School districts, ADHD drug treatment 2 to 3 times higher than national estimate vii) 84% diagnosed with ADHD received medication

viii) 70% were on medication during study
ix) Only children that were not medicated were uninsured. f) Problems with abusive medication
g) Transition : how do you go about changing a mental set of a heavily drugged society? My plan would be through therapeutic relief 3) Main Point #2 focus on therapy
h) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- focus on thinking, enduring belief, transient thoughts, a tool for getting organized, improving ones ability to control anger. i) CBT – None for use in Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Bulimia, Alcohol use disorders. j) Brings clients to attention of automatic negative thoughts, CBT therapist clearly communicate that they are to collaborate to solve their problems. k) Transition : CBT is not a cure all therapy, I do not believe therapy is more effective than medication in each case, 4) Main Point #3 medication still effective

l) Both views can be right simultaneously
m) Medication is quicker, instant gratification, but treating someone with a drug should not always be first option. n) Columbia University Peter Jensen MD- Collaborative Multisite...
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