Methods of Painless Delivery

Topics: Childbirth, Caesarean section, Ventouse Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Methods Of Painless Delivery

Giving birth to a child is the most joyful and beautiful experience for a woman. Birth of a child is related with a word labor pain. Giving birth to a baby is no doubt a very painful experience. Some woman prefer to take pain reliving medicines during labor process but it can be harmful for the child health and at the same time prevents woman from taking part in her child birthproperly. But some people believe that less pain make a woman more attentive during child birth. Most of the women are brought up with a belief thatchild birth is painful. Yes it is painful but there are many ways with which delivery process becomes painless. Many new ways are now emerging to reduce the labor pain and make the process of delivery easy. Some of them are cesarean section, forceps delivery and vacuum extraction. But medications used during these processes have side effects. So they should be done under proper medical guidance. Here are Some Steps to Avoid Labor Pain:

1. Meditation and Relaxation Exercises: It is very important to be in proper physical and mental shape before giving birth. So it is advisable for every woman to remain tension free. And the best method to relieve tension is to indulge yourself in physical activities like walking, stretching and meditation, as it helps in reliving stress and keeps you fit. Also listening to soft music really helps in relieving stress. 2. Proper Balanced Diet: Proper diet is very useful in making body healthy and stronger and prepares your body to resist labor pain. Take a diet chart from your doctor and follow it properly. 3. Spend Time With Relatives: Spending time with relative and friends really help in preparing yourself mentally and physically for natural childbirth. 4.Take Care of Your Body: Take herbal and natural remedies to avoid prenatal and postnatal ailments. Body massage with natural and medicated oils also makes your muscles stronger which helps in reducing pain during child birth...
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