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Midwifery vs. Hospital

Thousands of children are born each day, a large majority of them in hospitals. However, the process of child birth in a hospital can be hectic and chaotic due to a number of factors. A lot of this chaos can be avoided by using a midwife whom specializes in child birth.

One problem faced with hospitals is that they are not only dealing with child birth but they are also dealing with injuries and many other sectors in their building. Therefore, all of their attention is divided and not focused on the one patient. Whereas with a midwife it is a lot more of a personal experience because the midwife meets with the parents and is right by their side during the whole journey.

Another downfall of using hospitals during child birth is that they have regulations and requirements they have to meet causing discomfort to the patient, at times. If the mother gave birth at home she would not have to deal with constant medical interventions and monitoring. With a midwife, child birth takes place in the comfort of the patient’s home. This also eliminates the costs associated with a hospital stay. Many patients make the decision to have a natural birth before they go into labor, however, once labor begins they want to change their decision or they are pressured by the hospital members to take something to reduce the pain. In a hospital, this is more likely because they have access to the materials, whereas with a midwife, medications are not readily available. This makes a more satisfying experience for the mother because they stuck to their original plan of having a natural birth.

Midwifes also use a number of techniques for added comfort during labor. Two of these techniques are using a birthing ball and a birthing tub.
Although there are many benefits in the use of a midwife, in today’s society, there are common misconceptions about midwifes. Therefore, hospitals are used more frequently during child birth. Child birth is important in...

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