Topics: Nutrition, Pregnancy, Folic acid Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: May 15, 2013
By Emma Lyons
Unit 21 Nutrition
P2, M1

Pregnant women, children
Throughtout our lives our dietary requirements will change this is because at every different life stage we get to we need different nutrients that will keep us health and high in energy depending on what age, sex, and lifestyle we have. For exampe a child and someone who is pregnant wuld both need different amounts of food this is beucase they use the food in different ways the child would need the food for energy but then the mother would need to food for energy but also to help the baby grow and develop inside her. The time in which someone is trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy is a very important time in the womens health, they must watch what they eat and should be eatign a wide range of differnet foods making sure that they are getting all the different nutrients n which they need for both them and also for the baby in order for it to growht and develop well. There are many different vitamins and minerals that the body needs and of which we need we do get from our foods, but when someone is pregnant they should be taking some supplements in order to make sure they are getting the different vitamins and minerals that their body needs at this time becuaset they are carrying a baby. There are two supplements which are both recommended that should be taken during your pregnancy and these are ·Folic acid- this should be taken from the days before you fall pregnant and then should be stopped 12 weeks into the pregnancy. It is needed for rapid cell division which happens the the foetus as it is growing in the womb. Taking supplements of folic acid would also help in preventing any birth defects that the baby could then be born with. ·Vitamin D- this supplement should be taken throughout the pregnancy and also if you choose to breastfeed your baby. During pregnancy the women's nutritional needs will increase a lot this is because, durng pregnancy the uterus, placenta and breats...
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