Modern War in Afghanistan

Topics: World War II, Taliban, Al-Qaeda Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: August 23, 2012
Jason Friedkin Period 8

War has changed greatly from World War 2 to the Modern War in Afghanistan. One reason is because of the weapons today are much better and more modified. Also, soldiers today have more technology and they are trained better for what they do. One big difference is the reason why the two wars were fought. World War 2 and the War in Afghanistan were fought in very different ways. The weapons have changed greatly from both wars. First today, weapons are a lot faster and more powerful. They are also very mobile and much more reliable. In World War 2, most of the ground fire was fought with guns and small artillery. A lot of the war was also fought on the water with submarines and war ships. Today, there are weapons that can take out many people from several miles away. They are also more threatening and need a trained person to control. There are also threats of nuclear war from many countries and if they follow through, a whole country can be destroyed. During World War 2, soldiers had to go into dangerous combat and a lot more people were killed. The soldiers in today’s war are greatly different from soldiers in World War 2. Dxb G rd ` c` hp h X s c b rË d vÌ d t Ìvt `ds d cwvdwv h w d Ì d cd t d g Ëbx  h Ì

First, soldiers in World War 2 were drafted because they were greatly needed and not enough people joined the army. Today, in our current war in Afghanistan, drafting soldiers is not necessary because people don’t die as quick and many people join the army because they want discipline or they have pride in their own country. Those are some key differences between modern soldiers and past soldiers. Soldiers in World War 2 were not trained well mainly because they were drafted and soldiers were needed. Today, before soldiers are put into combat, they are highly trained and put into shape. When they are put into combat, soldiers have a specific objective and must follow everything the highest rank tells them to do. They have vehicles...
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