Mother's Day

Topics: Mettā, Childbirth, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 13, 2013

As the moon beams light over the dark night, my mother gives light to my life. So, the moon is so important to a beautiful night and so also my mother to my life. I also would like to compare her un rival love with the shining moon over the darkness of the night. She is the light, the guide and the guardian to me. -------------------------------------------------

My mother is so important to me. She brought me into this world. So, she is the creator of my life. Since, she carried me in her womb, she had to take great care of everything which would do harm to me during her pregnancy until my birth. For example, she had to abstain from some food and hard movement. Then she gave birth to me at the risk of her life. After she had given birth to me, the red blood changed into the white breast food because of her love. This breast food is the only one which contains not only all the vitamins but also her invaluable love and kindness. So, my mother has been the most important person for me since I was born. -------------------------------------------------

It is no doubt that mother is an experienced gardener which blooms up the flowers. She never expects any profits, benefits and advantages from me. As the streams and rivers flow into the oceans, her love, loving-kindness, kindness, goodwill, sacrifice and compassion flow into my life. If I say I am a part of her blood and flesh, I will be considered as the matrix of my mother. -------------------------------------------------

Whichever in this world can be compare with maternal love? I think there is nothing to compare with maternal love. My...
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