Motor Cycle: Industry Analysis

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Structure of the MOTORCYCLE Industry
Motorcycle is one of human’s great inventions that add convenience to transportation problems. Here in the Philippines, the motorcycle market is growing. More Filipinos prefer motorcycles as their means of transportation because they find more convenience in motorcycle riding than commuting.

Transportation Vehicles is very important here in the Philippines. It allows Filipino people to have a more convenient and easy life. The Government Vehicle Assembly Program has 4 classifications: the Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycle and other Vehicle Assembly.

The graph below shows the historical sales and demand forecasts of motorcycle in the Philippines. The total demand expected to reach 0.941 M units by year 2013.

In the census of car and motorcycle registration made by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in its 4 years of operation starting 2006 to 2009, 3,200,000 riders and 750,000 car owners were recorded. This shows that the motorcycle riders are four times greater than car owners. This only implies that motorcycle industry has been fast growing industry since then.

Areas of Competition

In the world of transport the motorcycles are also very commonly used. They are used due to their sleek design and easy to drive. The motorcycles are also to maintain and look after. The motorcycles are also preferred by the people as they are an easy way to get out through traffic jams and through heavy traffic. Keeping this in mind, many companies make motorcycles and here are few of them. These all companies are Japanese and has their headquarters in Japan. Here are few differences and facts about these companies Yamaha motorcycles is a Japanese motor cycle company which is founded in the middle of 1950’s and is making racing, crossovers and trail bikes. It includes all types of motorbikes ranging from 50 to 1900 cc while Honda Motorcycles is the largest motorcycle producing company across the world and has its headquarters in Japan and is famous for making new, unique motorcycles. The Kawasaki Motorcycles is the Motorcycle Company which is famous for its brands of making heavy weight motor cycles with the luxurious looks and heave on duty body type and Suzuki Motorcycle also produce motor cycles and is founded in the year 1909. It started the production in the middle of the 19th century and is also a part of the famous MOTOGP race. Different motorcycle companies use different strategies in selling their products such as providing every individual an appropriate motorcycles for their convenience. Their market target includes any type of rider, including women, teens, and aging baby boomers. This companies has different styles and distinctions in their product. Honda has been at the forefront with designing elegant, contemporary and powerful scooters and entry-level motorcycles. College students or young women who do not want bulky bikes are the target of this company. The company has been able to remain extremely strong in the industry because of its ability to cater to the needs of its various consumers. It consistently advances the technology of the industry, such as the creation of the world’s first motorcycle airbag system. Honda has had considerable success against competition. Like its closest rival Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki is present in many different motorcycle categories. They rely strongly on the success of sales in the motorcycle racing category. They compete in the market by emphasizing the on and off road capabilities of their bikes. They put emphasis on dirt and street racing, making the bikes seem young, fast, and fun.

Sample Products of the BIG 4 Motorcycle Manufacturer

The prices of motorcycle depend on the feature, style and capabilities of the product. They have close competitions in terms of product’s price. Below is a sample price list of Suzuki...
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