Motorcycle and Helmets

Topics: Motorcycle, Helmet, Injury Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Helmet or Death, You Choose
Year after year deaths keep happening from motorcycle crashes. Motorcyclists need to wear helmets to prevent injury or death, save their state and countries government money, and because there is no proof that helmets are hazardous or harmful to the body in anyway. *Motorcycling is dangerous, especially at high speed or if there are many turns. Getting in a crash can result in death or serious injury. However wearing a helmet can decrease the level of injury and even save lives. At the same time wearing a helmet can cut the amount of money that the government must pay for treatment and hospital bills. Some motorcyclist say that wearing a helmet causes heat discomfort, spinal injury, and can actually increase the likelihood of crashing however there are no studies that show this is true; in fact there are studies that prove this to be wrong. Motorcyclists need to wear helmets to save their life in a crash, help make healthcare dues less, and because there is no good reason not to wear a helmet.

Many people die from motorcycle crashes each year. Of these fatalities most of the riders were not wearing helmets. 1) In 2010 4,502 people died from motorcycle crashes. A) Motorcycle related deaths have increased by more than 50 percent since the year 2000. 2) In states where helmet laws are not in place 79 percent of the fatalities were not wearing helmets (Naumann, 2012). B) However in states that did not have universal helmet laws only 12 percent of al the fatalities were wearing helmets. 3) Helmets do save lives. C) NHTSA estimates that 1,829 people were saved by helmets and 823 more could have been saved had they been wearing helmets (Traffic safety facts 2008). These results show that helmets save lives. Motorcyclists need to wear helmets to protect their life and prevent traumatic brain injuries that could ruin lives.

Not only do helmets save the lives of motorcyclist they save money. 1) On average $725 were saved for each...

References: Naumann, R. (2012, June 15). Helmet Use Among Motorcyclists Who Died in Crashes and Economic Cost Savings Associated With State Motorcycle Helmet Laws — United States, 2008–2010. CDC. Retrieved from
Traffic safety facts. (2008). Retieved September 5, 2013, from
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