Motorcycle Growth

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Growth of Motor Cycle Transport in Kenya
The boda boda bicycle transport business are believed to have originated in the Kenya boder town of Busia.Bicycles were used for a very along time in the town befor it was spread to the other towns in Kenya .The name boda boda is derived from the operation of the business across the border of the two countries of Kenya and Uganda .The boda boda is believed to have been started by afew people fro the luhya tribes of the area and it has grow in to very big and well organised groups of bicycle owners .The working together as a group has enabled them to solve their problems effectively and thus causing the business to be recognised as a means of public transport .

The business has spread to the other towns of the country of Kenya and the number of people who are involved in the business has grown and become a force to mind about .The bicycles have become a major means of tranport after the buses and taxis in places like Kisumu, Kitale, kakamega and kerichoand the uese of bicycles is still spreading towards the central ,eastern and coastal regions of tyhe country of Kenya.

However things are changing and motorcycles are taking over the place of bicycles The only place that is known to most of us wher motorcycles are used for taxi purposes is in Nigeria ,they are called okada there Kenyans too seem to be switching to the use of motorcycles for the same purposes .In kericho town , the motorcycles have taken over the business from the bicycles and more and nore pewople are joining the business .They charge only twenty shillings for a distance of upto two kilometers just like thje bicycles .Currently ,it is on the tea estaes routes that they get more customers than the rest of the routes in the town.

In Kenya ,in the past ,motorcycles were very expensive to buy and maintain and there very few people owned them .However ,the coming of the new makes of motorcycles has changed things upside down completely.In the past ,the honda and the yamaha makes dominated the markets but nowadays ,thee are new makes like the focus and others .The secrets behind the turning of things upside down so abruptlyis not yet clearly known but it is strongly believed that it must be because of the prices .The new makes must be cheaper in prices and m,aintainance costs.If that is how this will work ,then everyone in Kenya will soon be riding on a motorcycle. Published: 2008-03-19

Author: john ambuli Third World Mobility
Informal Public Transportation in the Developing World Nov 25, 2008 Okadas in Eket, Nigeria - Odilile Ayodele
Access to public transport in the developing world is tenuous. Enterprising individuals have come up with their own solutions to the problem. Mobility in urban third world cities is marked by the stark unavailability of reliable public transport. Though informal public carriers are unregulated and ,as Robert Cervero has argued in his article in the 2001 spring edition of Access ‘informal transit: learning from the developing world’, and damaging to the environment. It cannot be ignored that these carriers provide an essential service to the growing urban populations. Around the world, taxis, minibuses and motorcycles have replaced the horse and carriage as the main source of transportation for the urban residents. Unable to afford private cars but needing to travel relatively long distances many vehicles have been turned into informal public transportation: the most popular being the Minibus and the Motorcycle. Minibus Taxis

In many third world countries the humble mini bus/van has been converted into a taxi service. In South Africa they are called taxis, in Nigeria they are called danfos and in Kenya they are called Matatus. No matter what they are called, they are a common feature all around the developing world- particularly in Africa. Cramming in a lot more than their capacity of 10-15...
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