Muslim American after 9/11 research paper

Topics: United States, Democratic Party, Al-Qaeda Pages: 5 (1369 words) Published: May 31, 2015
Bista, Kalendra
Ms. Weber
English 11
April 6, 2015
Muslim American after 9/11
There are 5 to 8 million Muslims living in USA according to the US census 2010. They all have normal and happy life. They are living in peaceful and friendly environment. But no one had expected to live that kind of luxurious life back then. It was the event of September 11, 2001, which changed their way of life drastically. On the day of September 11, 2001 two airplanes crashed in the heart of New York, the twin towers. It was a surprise attack by the terrorist group called Al Qaida. Al Qaida was the extremist form of Muslim. Since they were Muslim many Muslim American were about to face the difficulties that they haven’t even dreamed off. After 9/11, Muslim Americans went through a lot of struggle, including profiling and religious stereotyping, which reveals that the violation and chaos of that time was widespread. There was a drastic change on how people viewed and treated Muslim American after 9/11. According to Khan Mussarat, the author of “Attitudes towards Muslim Americans”, people stopped going near Muslim American and stopped talking with them because they were scared of them. This meant that Muslim Americans were physically and mentally isolated from all the other Americans. This proved that it was not only a local issue but it had a lot to do with various places. Muslim women were harassed by other people and they were forced to quit their job. According to Mana, a Muslim American living in USA, Muslim American women stopped wearing their normal dress because the white American would easily recognize them and start harassing. This made the women stay in their home because if they go outside their life was in danger. This made them quit their job and stay at home doing nothing but worrying about their husband. They were also alone because their neighbor won’t talk to them. They had to rely on their own. This deeply affected their mental state because they were living in fear. They were scared to go to grocery or laundry. They were basically prevented from their daily normal life. Muslim American’s children were also vitally affected after 9/11 because they were isolated from other children at school. According to Mona Eltahaway’s “The challenge of being Muslim in post 9/11 America” the children were made racial comment and they were also made fun of or bullied at school. This made them to spend most of their time alone. Children are the symbol of innocence. But these innocent victims who didn’t have anything to do with the incident had to survive this “holocaust”. Not only at school, they had also a lot of problems at home. They had to stay home because no one wanted to play with them. They also had family conflicts because they were scared and angry with this. People when passing by their house , threw eggs on the car and at the house. This created a lot of tension in the child. They were really scared to go outside and play. This stole the right of freedom from them. Children were also suspected as terrorist and were interrogated by police. They were also suspected of carrying suicide bombs. This meant that even the children had a lot of troubles during these days. This created a lot of chaos nationwide. Muslim Americans faced a lot of economic problems during 9/11. According to Ali Sumbul, “American Muslim live in fear 11 years after 9/11” the stores of Muslim American were burned down, they were kicked out from their jobs and people stole things from their stores. This created a lot of loss as they struggle to get any profit from their job. Some of them were unemployed. Some were scared to go to their jobs. Some of them just didn’t want to risk their life. The Muslim women stooped going to the market to buy something. This lack of good and necessity created a lot of conflicts within their home. This proved that it was a nationwide chaos. They were also scared to go around. Travelling from one place to another was a struggle...
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