Muslim Center Near the World Trade Center

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Victor Zamora
Class of 2016
May 9, 2013

Muslim center near the World Trade Center.
Terror and fear was exhibited around the whole country in one day. This day is infamous for many Americans and is a day of remembrance. 9/11 was a day of sadness mixed with shock as we were at our most vulnerable. Twelve years later the devastation is still felt. Especially when a Muslim group wants to built a Muslim center, two blocks away from where the World Trade Center stood. The Muslim center will include a mosque for Muslims to worship in. The reason why some oppose the center is that it was Muslim terrorists who hijacked the planes that took down the World Trade Center. Mass of Americans, including victims of 9/11, are still wounded from the attacks. All the pain this Muslim center can cause is a reason out many others why the Muslim center should not be built two blocks away from the World Trade Center. The Muslim center should be moved to a less controversial area. It does not look good for both sides of people to fight. All we are doing is letting the 9/11 attacks separate us as a untied country. The Muslim center should be moved because it is insensitive, hurts 9/11 families, and not many people want the Muslim center near the World Trade Center. Problem

To begin, we must know why the Muslim center is a problem for many Americans. The mosque does not have much support in the country. In a recent poll, 70 percent of Americans opposed the Muslim center, or as others call it the ground zero mosque ( Many of those people from the poll have similar feelings and reasons why they do not want the Muslim center built near the World Trade Center. One feeling for not having the Muslim center is that it is an insult to the 9-11 families who lost a loved one in that tragic attack ( People feel this way because some 9/11 families have stated that they do not support the Muslim center ( The reason the people feel insulted is that ever since the attacks, ground zero has been seen as a sacred place to many Americans in the country. Also the Muslim center can be interpreted as a monument terrorism everywhere ( Others see it as a tribute to terrorist ( On the other hand, the Muslim center can be a spot for violence and hatred to spread. The construction of the Muslim center as already caused anti-Muslim hate crimes ( We can see more separation and hatred between Americans and Muslims. In the end the biggest problem that the Muslim center can cause is that it can endanger New Yorkers. Whether they are Muslims, anti-Muslims, pro Muslim center, or con Muslim center; anytime they are near the center they can get hurt from the clashes between Muslims and anti-Muslims ( Another way to see the problem of the Muslim center is, knowing how New Yorkers feel about the center. New Yorkers have felt more pain than any other Americans after the 9/11 attacks. Their opinion is important in knowing why the Muslim center should be moved or not built. New Yorkers are seen as the most tolerant place in the country, yet they oppose the Center, which will include a mosque, being two blocks away from the World Trade Center. The majority of New Yorkers oppose the mosque. 52% of New Yorkers oppose the mosque. In another poll, 55% of New Yorkers said that Islam was a peaceful religion. Many New Yorkers opposed the mosque because they still feel the wounds of 9/11 ( New Yorkers do not want the mosque to not be built; they want the center to be relocated.63% of New Yorkers say that the center should be moved ( I n a different poll, 71% said the organizers should voluntarily move the center ( As we can see, New Yorkers do want the center, but they want it relocated because of all the pain and wounds they still have from 9/11. Imposing your will to people who have felt so much pain is a big problem.

On the other hand, we must see...

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