my worst day

Topics: Automobile, Flat iron steak, Family Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: December 20, 2013

My worst day ever was when I tipped my dads motorcycle over on accident. I haven’t seen him in months so I thought it would be a good idea to see him, my thoughts wrong. My grandma dropped me off at his house and we talked about his house improvements and stuff. I guess dad got tired of the conversation and ended it quickly, but then again grandma does tend to talk a lot. Dad and me went inside to cook dinner while grandma drove off. Dad was preparing the flat iron steak while I looked for a movie to watch. While the steak soaked in the seasonings we watched MIB II (men in black 2). When the steak was done marinating he put it on the grill. The smell was so good, my mouth was watering. After that we just watched movies and ate our dinner. What could go wrong? I went to sleep and woke around 8:oo am to the sound of shuffling feet. Dad had to go to work that day so I stayed home. I got really bored sitting there so I decided to get out the ATV and ride around. But in the way were his two motorcycles. One was brand new and pitch black. It sat really low to the ground and the name of it was Kawasaki. The other one stood really high and was red. It almost looked like a dirt bike but a lot bigger with mirrors. My dad has to stand on his tippy toes just to balance it up. I took on the challenge to get them out and achieved it. Then I pulled out the ATV slowly trying not to crash into anything. I got it out and filled the tank half way before I saw my dad pull in the driveway. He needed to get a few tools for his job. He is an electrician. Before he left he told me not to tip the motorcycles and be careful. I said I wont with confidence that I wasn’t going to. He left and I strapped on my helmet and did a few laps in the backyard. After riding I parked the ATV in the garage. I came inside to lie down for a while. I couldn’t stop thinking of the motorcycles though. I left them in the sun, what if the seats get cracked or it’s too hot to move! He just...
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