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Topics: English-language films, Childbirth, The Delivery Pages: 1 (459 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Narrative report for Delivery Room duty.
“Life is one precious thing that everyone can cherish. Some might waste it but when they see how our mothers gave all there effort just to bring each and everyone of us in this world, they might be fighting with their conscience.” This is what I learned from this rotation. My life brought me to this life changing experiences. My mommy is the only person I talk about my life, my problems, my achievements, and she fills up the emptiness I felt when I was down. In any instances, she never brought me down. I’m including this to my narrative, because even though she never really did felt the hard thing about “bearing down a child” because she was a post-cesarian section patient for me and my brothers, but she felt the pain in labor which is the hardest of them all as a patient told me. In my duty here in the delivery room made me reflect about the life my mommy, luckily gave me. So I decided not to waste it and cherish all the sacrifices and pain she felt when she was giving birth to me. And when I delivered my first ever baby, I texted my mommy right away saying, “Hey Mommy, I Love You! Thank you for this wonderstrucking life. I’ll be home soon.” Our clinical exposure here at Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center made us stressed, tired but we can tell ourselves that after this rotation. We can surely handle anything else. Thanks to our Clinical instructor Ma’am Marie Ann Lapitan, She was one of my favorite instructor *no joke*. From my group, I was the only person who never, as in, never experienced or even seen and assist an actual delivery. I told her that right away so I she’d know that I never handled any cases ever since. At first I was very afraid ‘coz Mam. Lapitan told me that I’ll be having the first case. I was really praying that I wouldn’t do any failure because I might waste a life there. So I cleared my mind and I let myself be familiarized with all the things in the Delivery Room, I even memorized very thing...
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