Natural Childbirth

Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Infant Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: March 23, 2012
Natural childbirth is where the mother does not receive any drugs to relieve pain or to aid the birthing process. Natural childbirth is considered to be the safest way for the baby to be born. It is healthier for the mom and baby. There is less chance of serious injury from iatrogenic trauma. You will have less chance of having a C-section. The mother has a much quicker healing time. If the mother plans on breastfeeding, she will have a much higher chance of a breastfeeding success and there is lower risk of all complications that can happen from regular birth interventions. The natural pregnancy process requires an internal and external environment of healthy, exercise, gathering all knowledge, planning the most perfect care, and getting a caregiver that can lead you through the necessary steps safely and with confidence. This caregiver is known as a midwife and the midwife is there for the mother, her health and the health of the baby. She provides comprehensive prenatal care, guide labor and birth, and cares for newborns. She develops a deep connection with the mother as well as the family and this offers a deeper level of care. A woman who chooses to have her baby through a natural birth usually goes through labor longer. They typically choose to refuse any medication that will speed up the labor process and in return they labor longer. A major drawback to natural childbirth is the pain but it has been known to be intoxicating. To deal with the pain, birthing mothers are taught techniques that help to aid in the pain process. They are taught the techniques of breathing, relaxation, and distraction to reduce the sensation of the pain. This method actually teaches mothers not to exaggerate their pain and to look at childbirth as something beautiful and not scary. Natural childbirth is not for everyone. If you are a diabetic, having twins, or having a difficult pregnancy then you need to consult your doctor about which method would be best for...
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