Neonatal nursing

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Have you ever wondered where you would be in five, maybe ten years? What you would be doing? I never imagined that I would have a set career goal for myself. Most kids are uncertain about what they want in life; however, I always knew that my career choice was to be a neonatal nurse. I want to spend my life caring for newborn infants. Growing up, I have watched my mother come home from her nursing job and tell me how much she loves caring for other people. It gives her patience, more time management skills, and the love for other people. I will be discussing the duties, education requirements, and salary of a neo natal nurse. Second Slide

First, Neonatal nurse specialists focus on the care of newborn infants up to 28 days after birth and are a vital part of the neonatal care team. There are three different levels of neonatal nursery where a neonatal nurse might work. Each level deals with different care for the newborns: healthy infants (level 1), premature infants (level 2) or the neonatal intensive care unit (level 3). Nurses can decide what level they want their career to be in. Ideally, level 1 of neonatal nursing where nurses care for healthy newborn babies would be the best fit for me. Nursing is a very common job in the world today and continues to expand. Everyone needs doctors for their health and nurses pertain to that. The duties of neonatal nurses may vary slightly at each hospital, but overall their care tasks are the same. Some of the main tasks for a neonatal nurse are the general care of the infant, for instance, physical ailments, regular changes, feeding and cuddles. In unfortunate cases some babies are not as healthy, so they need special care which refers to the different levels of neonatal nursing. Work hours in this field vary, but typically a neonatal nurse works 12 hours shifts. For the intensive care unit (NICU), nurses have to sometimes stay longer and work more days because those infants need more nurses to nurture them through...
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