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Topics: Culture, The Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 3 (383 words) Published: June 14, 2014

Reflection on Diversity
DeVry University
Professor: Marnie Carroll

Having cultural competence is something that is gained through experience with other cultures other than your own. This means understanding that different cultures do in fact exist and one must be aware that we are all different with different cultures. For me a time that I connected with a different culture in a work environment was a few years back when I was working as a driver and my assistant was an African man, very nice man, who was new to the job and I had to train him by showing him how things get done properly. When we would communicate it wasn’t that bad since he had studied the English language back home he only had some words that he couldn’t pronounce, so I would help him. I did see a few things that I saw was problem one was that he sometimes would begin to speak loud and fast which made it hard to understand him. I had to tell him that when dealing with customers in offices you can’t speak like that you have to maintain a normal calm voice so that he wouldn’t disturb others in the office and delivery to offices was primarily are main stops. Another trait my co-worker had was invading space since it was custom for him he would always get so close when speaking to me so I would begin to laugh and tell him to back up. I told him people don’t like for someone else to invade their space unless it’s an old person who can’t hear. The great thing about him was that he would understand and he wanted to learn the American culture so that he can get his job done with no customer complaints. Some strategies on how to deal with Cultural Competence would be to learn the cultures traditions, values, and how the culture is impacted by behaviors. To learn new ways on how to become more efficient in the culture by accepting, and understanding cultural patterns to be able to adapt to this diverse culture that is part of the...
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