No to Syria

Topics: United States, Al-Qaeda, Iraq War Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Say No to Attack on Syria

If you are dumbfounded by the idea of throwing missiles at Syria and that it will help bring peace to Syrian people, then you are not alone. Americans realize that bombing will do little to help the Syrian people. Considering the “humanitarian” motives of the White House, we are surprised no one has suggested other alternatives for achieving peace. The most effective step that we can easily take is to STOP HELPING THE REBEL ARMY!

Assad’s regime in Syria has not attacked the United States. It has not attacked an ally of the United States. It is not threatening to attack the U.S. or our allies, so why are we attacking them?

There are also many risks in attacking Syria. Despite our technology advances, any bombing rampage will have collateral damage and innocent Syrian civilians will die. The risks that substantial numbers of civilians die by U.S. bombs are very real, and could undermine the whole purpose of the operation.

A huge question we keep asking ourselves is how is Russia going to react? Although most people believe Russia would not retaliate in response to the U.S. bombing Syria, it is impossible to be certain. Perhaps the biggest risk comes from the rebel forces that might seize control of Syria if Assad’s regime does fall.

While Syria has never attacked the United States, we have been attacked by al-Qaeda and we remain at war with al-Qaeda. Do we really want to fight alongside our terrorist enemies in Syria? Do we want al-Qaeda fighters to get their hands on heavy weapons? We should not be teaming up with the enemies, we should be destroying them. This idea of bombing Syria will hopefully blow over. Not only do we not have the money, it is unsafe, we do not have the international support, and it is completely unconstitutional! We should be bringing our boys and girls home, not sending them back out.

We say no to bombing Syria!
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