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Illegal drugs
Illegal drugs are controlled under the Misuse of drugs act in 1971, they are place into categories depending on the effect they have on the individual and the society. This classification enforces that individuals are prohibited to be in possession, share or supply illegal drugs and sets the guidelines of the consequences that may be issued. What is it?

Cannabis is an illegal drug that is also known as, weed, solid, skunk and puff. It is part of a plant that is usually smoked. Cannabis is known as a downer, as it sets a relaxed state of mind. A downer is a name given to drugs that relaxes individuals who takes them. It may also have hallucinogen effect on the individual, as things may appear different, when under the influence of cannabis. Although it’s all from the same plant, cannabis comes in many different forms these are hash, weed, and skunk and cannabis oil. Hash is a brown or black solid lump that is made from the resin of a cannabis plant. Weed is dried leaves from a female cannabis plant, it looks like herbs. Skunk is the name given to the new crossbreed of weed being produced now. It is a lot stronger than weed that was around a few years ago and is usually home grown using artificial light and heat. Cannabis oil is a sticky, dark honey coloured substance and is far less common that other forms of cannabis. Method of use

Cannabis can be smoked with or without tobacco, filtered through the water, or simply eaten. If eaten, it’s hard to calculate when it will take effect, and if smoked then the effect are pretty much instant. Cannabis smoked with tobacco is a ground down and added to tobacco within a Rizal and then and then rolled into what people call a joint or a zoot. Cannabis within food is also grown down and then added to food to be cooked. Usually cannabis is cooked within cakes and cookies. Effects and risks

Cannabis affects people in different ways it depends on the individual using it. The possible effects on the...
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