Old and New Terrorism

Topics: Terrorism, Al-Qaeda, September 11 attacks Pages: 2 (1006 words) Published: June 8, 2015
Old and New terrorism
the aims of terrorists
activities terrorist groups are involved in
the targets of terrorists

Terrorism is not a new concept, and despite it was used very often over the past decade, it remains one of the most difficult issues to define. although the definitions of terrorism vary widely, the all come from a common point: terrorism is a tactic characterized basically by the use of violence and the spread of fear. However, over the last decades the term 'terrorism' has been used to define the recourse to violence by small groups to achieve political change. This has included ideological, ethnic, and religious exclusion or persecution. Terrorism has changed over time, and after 9/11 events, specialists in sociology, policy makers, scholars and the mass media have been widely using the term 'new terrorism'.  In order to analyze the differences between old and new terrorism, three key aspects should be debated: goals, methods, and organization. Therefore, the new terrorism can be justified on a religious background, and the new terrorist groups considered having ambiguous goals on the systemic level and to value destruction for its own sake. On the other side, the old terrorism is more comprehensible, limited and more specific, with its roots in political ideology. The old terrorism was regarded as being a political weapon, designed to produce chaos with the strategic purpose of, either to maintain a regime, or to create the conditions for a new one. The violence of the terrorist acts is not intended simply to destroy but to be heard. The old terrorist groups chose their victims and targets with care, in order to achieve maximum chance of success, even if that often meant to target non-combatants or mass innocent victims. An example of terrorist act which has had an important impact on the history was the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand by a 19-year-old Bosnian Serb student, Gavril Princip, in Sarajevo on 28 June...
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