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People these days are running in to more and more problems with going to school. Whether its money, time, kids, or their jobs. These are important benefactors. If they can’t get to a campus because they don’t have a babysitter or the time the class is offered isn’t workable. Their boss just called them in for whatever reason. Online school is always an option, even if people don’t see it as beneficial. Most people believe they can’t get a secure job while only doing online schooling, however if a person has the same amount of practice as a traditional schooler; he or she gets just as equal chance of an opportunity. Therefore a blend of online and traditional school is the best way to go.

As the technology world improves and advances more every chance it gets, it adds more and possible improvements in quality to get schooling to a higher education. Schools that offer online courses are saving money by, “substitution of technology (which is cheap) for labor (which is expensive)” (Chub and Moe 1). Selectively choosing classes which would be ideally easier would save schools money by reducing school size. Most college student have computers already for the papers they have to type. Having this factor makes them that much closer to online classes. Schools have to hire teacher who have to teach in a classroom, which costs money. Another way online improves to a higher education is by allowing students to learn on their own time, any time of the day (Chub and Moe 1). By the allowing a slower learning pace for students this gives them the chance to cover material they don’t get as well and spend more time on it by giving students time on their own to go over material helps them learn they so when they go in to their profession they had a good education and plenty of practice. However, it depends on the classes you take in a traditional school and online that makes it more efficient for you.

The class a student chooses to take online and the classes they take in a...
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