Origins of Radical Islam

Topics: Islam, Al-Qaeda, United States Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: September 17, 2012
After reading the article about the origins of a Radical Islam, I don’t necessary think my perspective on the War on Terror concerning the Middle East has changed any. The article has provided me with a brief history and understanding of the Muslim beliefs. It also has definitely given me a better insight on the possible reasons why and where the Muslims Extremists get their beliefs from that leads them to commit these random acts of violence. I think the main reason it doesn’t necessary change my perspective is because of my personal upbringing and my own beliefs. Just because someone does not have the same beliefs as you or your religion doesn’t mean violence should occur. I think this article does have to the potential to shed some light of those who have been searching for the reason for the war. You hear different people all the time making comments that this war is about oil, or this war is about revenge for attacks of 9/11 or they find other reason to blame the war on. When reading this article and looking at it through the Radical Islam side of the house it sounds like this is a religious war. And I totally agree working in the law enforcement career field it would definitely be a benefit to understand the beliefs of the Muslim religion. Having this understanding could help with the detection of a possible terrorist act within the United States. But it could also stop an officer from making an unfounded decision solely based of that person’s religion. My ultimate conclusion to the article is that the problem is not so much the Muslim belief. But just like anything, you have you good and bad. I know a few friends who follow Muslim religion and I proud to call them my friend. With that being said, I have been in the United States Marine Corps for the past 17 years and having two deployments to Iraq, I have had the unfortunate opportunely to run in the not so good people who follow the Muslim religion. And with the terrorist showing...
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