Orodispersible Tablets

Topics: Tablet, Dosage form, Pharmacology Pages: 24 (7412 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Deepak et al

Journal of Drug Delivery & Therapeutics; 2012, 2(3): 74-86
Available online at http://jddtonline.info


REVIEW ARTICLE FAST DISINTEGRATING TABLETS: A NEW ERA IN NOVEL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM AND NEW MARKET OPPORTUNITIES *Sharma Deepak, Kumar Dinesh, Singh Mankaran, Singh Gurmeet, Rathore M.S CT Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shahpur, P.O- Udopur, Near Lambra, Jalandhar -144020, Punjab, INDIA *Corresponding Author’s Email: deepakpharmacist89@yahoo.com, M obile: 09988907446 Received 15 M arch 2012; Revised 13 April 2012; Accepted 21 April 2012, Available online 15 M ay 2012 ABS TRACT Fast disintegrating tablets (FDTs) have received ever-increasing demand during the last decade and the field has become a rapidly growing area in the pharmaceutical industry. Fast disintegrating tablets (FDTs) are those solid dosage forms when put on tongue, disintegrate or dissolve instantaneously, releasing the drug, within a few seconds without the need of water. Fast disintegrating tablets (FDTs) aim for designing dosage forms, convenient to be manufactured and administered, free of side effects, offering immediate release and enhanced bioavailability, to achieve better patient compliance. Fast disintegrating tablets have been formulated for p ediatric, geriatric, and bedridden patients and for active patients who are busy and traveling and may not have access to water. Such formulations provide an opportunity for product life extension in the many elderly persons which have difficulty in taking conventional oral dosage form (viz., solutions, suspensions, tablets, and capsules) because of hand tremors and dysphagia. The current article is focused on ideal requirements, need for development of FDTs, challenges in formulation, suitability of drug candidates, superdisintegrants employed, various technologies developed for FDTs, patented technologies like Wowtab, Durasolv, Orasolv, Flashtab, Zydis, Frosta technology, Sheaform, Ceaform technology, Nanocrystal technology which have gained importance in international market, evaluation methods and various marketed products. Keywords: Fast disintegrating tablets (FDTs), Superdisintegrants, Enhanced bioavailability, Patient‟s compliance, Patented technology, Evaluation.

1. INTRODUCTION Drug delivery system is an efficient tool for enhancing market, extending product life cycles and creating opportunities. Drug delivery system (DDS) makes a significant contribution to global pharmaceutical sales through market segmentation, and is moving rapid ly 1 . Despite of tremendous innovations in drug delivery, the oral route remains the preferred route for administration of therapeutic agents because of accurate dosage, low cost therapy, self med ication, non invasive method and ease of administration leading to high level of patient compliance 2 .The most popular dosage forms are being conventional tablets and hard gelatin capsules . One important drawback of such dosage forms is „Dysphagia‟ or difficu lty in swallowing for many patients; almost 50% o f the population is affected by such problem. Hence they do not comply with prescription, which results in high incidence of non-compliance and ineffective therapy 3 . Recently, fast disintegrating drug delivery systems have started gaining popularity and acceptance as new drug delivery systems, because they are easy to admin ister and lead to better patient compliance 4 . In some cases such as motion sickness, sudden episodes of allerg ic attacks or coughing and unavailability of water, swallowing conventional tablets may be difficu lt. Particularly the difficu lty is experienced by pediatric and geriatric patients. To overcome such problems, fast disintegrating tablets or orally disintegrating tablets have emerged as an alternative dosage form 5 .Recent advances in novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) aim for enhancing the safety of a drug molecule while maintain ing its therapeutic efficacy so as to achieve better patient...
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