Overview of Ehr

Topics: Patient, Hospital, Physician Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Overview of EHR
I must start off with simply saying that in my opinion I find EHR to be an amazing program! Best of all it is completely free! The charting feature is so completely detailed everything is covered. I think that one of my favorite features has to be with the e-prescribing. This is not only easy for the patient but for the doctor’s office as well as the pharmacy staff. With e-prescribing the patient now only has to go to the pharmacy once to pick up the medication. The doctor’s office can make sure that the medication is covered by the patients insurance and best of all the pharmacy no long has to try and figure out doctor’s hand writing! The labs feature is very nice, everything just comes right into the program and the into the patient file and from there you can even share the result with the patient which will make a lot of patients happy to know that there is one least trip to the doctor’s office that they will have to make. Thus making move free time for the doctor’s to spend with patients. My most favorite part of the EHR program is the billing section. All the codes are already there from the CPT code and their modifiers and the ICD9 codes and their modifiers as well. When I took the classes for just the billing it was so overwhelming and now to see all the information already there is such a sigh of relief! I think that is great that this is a free program for medical offices and all the functions and services available are outstanding. It is amazing how many things are ready to use just a few things to sign up for in the labs section, and not to mention that you can even suggest a lab if they don’t have one that “your” office prefers. Same goes for the e-prescribe section many of the pharmacies are already in there but yet again if there is one that you would prefer you can suggest it and they will go about adding it to their list of 70,000. This really seems like an extremely useful tool for any medical office.
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