pain management during labor

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Childbirth is notorious for induced pain, it can be scary but exciting all in the same breath. Pain can be unbearable for most mothers. Many options are available to control her pain but not tolerance. The distinction of what is right or wrong in the relief of pain during labor depends solely on the pain threshold and birthing experience for mom and baby. Two mechanisms that help control pain are nonpharmacological and pharmacological methods. Pharmacological verses Nonpharmacological

Common pharmacologic pain medication which is given during labor is meperidine and nalbuphine hydrochloride. An epidural anesthesia (intrathecal area) is the most popular method of pain control during labor. This blocks the nerve impulse by decreasing sensation in the lower half of the body. The medication route of administration is intramuscular injection or through an intravenous site (Ward, Hisley, 2009). Guided imagery (nonpharmacological method) helps to alleviate stress during pregnancy while decreasing pain during labor, it also assists in breathing techniques, calming the mother, and relaxing her while driving her attention toward something other than the pain she is enduring. Guided imagery can assist in alleviating sleeplessness and hastening recovery time after childbirth. Another nonpharmacological method of pain control is effleurage which helps distract patient from her contractions. This is done with gentle stroking of the abdomen in rhythm with contractions. The labor support person can also help massage the feet, hands, and back to decrease tension and to promote comfort for the mother (Ward, 2009). Risk Factors/ Benefits related to Pharmacological verses Nonpharmacological1 Meperidine and nalbuphine hydrochloride that penetrate the placenta could possibly harm the fetus. Narcotics have risks and vary from patient to patient (Romano, 2005). A mother in labor who is given pain medication can become less oriented, while including ineffective pushing of the...
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