Personal Identity Paper

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Personal Identity Paper
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Personal Identity Paper
On a normal day on the Labor & Delivery floor it can be slow--until it's not. I work on a unit that averages 5-10 deliveries in 24 hours. I have worked shifts with only one delivery and others where the nurses are running around the entire day with no breaks. I've even worked shifts where there were eight cesarean sections in 12 hours. I've had shifts where we have started the day with one room full and only had one room empty four hours later, and vice versa. It's so hard to compare L&D to any other type of nursing; the closest comparison would probably be Emergency Room nursing. There are no scheduled meds, and we are often looking up policies and procedures to learn how to deal serious situations (i.e. withdrawing from alcohol who had retained product and a general anesthetic followed by IV push sedatives to keep her from seizing). A medically risky person can deliver with no complications, and a perfectly healthy young woman can hemorrhage after a quick and easy labor and delivery and lose her uterus. You might care for both these women in one day, and then resuscitate a baby who had a perfectly normal fetal heart tracing. You have to be prepared for any or all of these situations to occur within minutes and act quickly when they do, all the while reassuring dad and grandma and staying connected to mom so she feels trust, even if you met her five minutes ago. You will learn to mistrust full moons, yell at people who say the “Quiet” word and firmly believe that pressure changes cause waters to break. You will teach more than you thought you knew and grieve with perfect strangers when something perfect goes wrong. You will learn to hold your tongue and put your judgment, on the back burner. You will learn to trust your intuition sometimes over your experience or common sense. You will never let a first or even second year resident check a patient...
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