Personal Narrative

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Shameeka Herring

10 February 2013

Personal Narrative Essay

A Frightening Experience

When I look at pictures of myself , I realize how much I've grown and changed,

not only physically, also mentally as a person in the last fifteen years. Less then

one year after graduating high school ,I received some frightening news, I was

pregnant. I had dreams and so much potential, this would surely detour me from my

goal in life of becoming a nurse and possibly shatter them forever. I was about to

bring a life into the world.

I find myself reflecting on the last fifteen years of my life. How much it has

changed and how much fuller it has become. I knew that raising children can be very

rewarding, it is also far from being an easy task. That's the reason I wanted to wait

to have children. I wanted to be married, graduate from college so at least I would

have help and be financially prepared. However despite having all these expectations

before giving birth, I was still unprepared and humbled by the birth of my son

Brandon, my own private miracle.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up early in the morning with the sun

shinning through the window. I had a 8:00a.m doctors appointment. I arrived at the

doctors office 20 minutes early. I collected a urine sample and placed it in the metal

cabinet which is done at every visit. I sat back in the waiting room and waited until I

was called. After about 10 minutes the nurse replied," Shameeka Herring, right this

way". Once we got into the exam room she began to take my vital signs and asking

me a series of question. Are you having any problems? I replied "No". Are there any

chances you might be pregnant? I replied "No". What is the nature for you visit

today? I'm here for my annual exam and I need a refill on my birth control pills.

The nurse told me to undress from the waist down, put the drape around my waist,

and said,"the doctor will be in shortly". As I finished undressing I heard a knock on

the door, it was Dr. Mussleman. He walked in and said, " hello Shameeka, how are

you doing today"? I replied " I'm doing just fine". He informed that my pregnancy test

came back positive. I was in disbelief. He then asked was I aware of this and have I

been having any symptoms. I told him no i wasn't aware of this, how could this be

this was a mistake. He stated, the nurse ran the test twice, and both time it came back

positive. He informed me he was going to send me down the hall for an ultrasound

to determine my due date and how far along I am.

When I left the doctor's office,I had found out I was 3 months pregnant, and my

baby was due on January 18, 1999. They could not determine the sex of my baby

because it was still early. I had to come back in 2 months if I wanted to find out ,If I

was having a boy or a girl. As a soon to be mother, I had to figure out a plan. I had

to find a daycare, weigh my options about school, and find another job that

would be able to support myself as well as my baby.

I made sure to attended all of my doctor's appointments. Took my prenatal

vitamins and watched what I ate. As the months rolled around my belly had gotten

bigger. My appetite had increased and I put on almost 45lbs. The doctor was very

pleased with the growth of my baby. I couldn't believe that in a few weeks I would be

someones mother. I would be responsible for something so fragile and precious.

Needless to say my due date came and went. I was nervous and frightened at the

same time. I thought that women could only be pregnant for 9 months. I was

currently 2 weeks over due. My doctor informed me that this is sometimes common

in first time mother's. He wanted to perform an emergency C- Section for the

following morning. I didn't get any sleep I tossed...
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