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Topics: Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmacist Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: September 11, 2013
My decision to become a pharmacist was no surprise to my family. Several themes have emerged in my life to make this career the right one for me. Primarily, I was exposed to a full range of health issues, which started the day we were informed that my younger brother was officially diagnosed with leukemia. We were told to head straight to the children’s hospital because there was not a moment to lose. However, as I looked into my parents’ eyes, I realized that my brother was facing something bigger than we had ever experienced before. For three years, my brother received innumerable injections, spinal taps, oral doses of chemotherapy, and steroids. These torturous years were inundated with numerous types of chemicals to attempt to kill his rapidly spreading cancer. The intense regimen of chemotherapy nearly killed him, and I was perplexed as to how a perfectly healthy body could quickly become so ill. As I looked for ways to help myself cope with this harrowing experience, I decided to become more educated about cancer. Many books and websites offered information about cancer and its treatments. These resources gave me a sense of control over what was happening to my brother. Although it was an emotionally hard time, my family and I adopted an optimistic attitude, especially after my brother was blessed to go in remission from his cancer. I would apply the same attitude towards the lives I will be honored to touch. Although this experience of my brother’s battle with cancer has been and will continue to be a painful one for us, we moved forward and learned valuable lessons from it. I learned in great detail about the many distinctive medicines and their interactions with the human body raised my awareness of drugs and toxic chemicals and their ability to kill as well as to cure. Another theme is my sense of curiosity and my passion to research. I find chemistry a very thought-provoking, intriguing, and captivating subject. My final theme is due to the influence...
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