Perspective Journalism

Topics: Food and Drug Administration, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical drug Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Nicole Nutile
Perspective Journalism
Final Editorial
October 15, 2012

Side effects from medicine; are they truly helpful or are they making things worse?

Are all the side effects directly related to certain medicines, worth the risk? With the basic knowledge of mind over matter can one clearly take a medication that it scientifically proven to diminish one ailment or sickness, weigh out the possibilities of perhaps inflicting another? A known medication used to treat type II diabetes was recently issued a public health alert by Consumer Reports. Although there were numerous complaints and lawsuits against this diabetes medication regarding the fact that a percentage of users became ill with bladder cancer as a side effect, the Food and Drug Administration still permitted the first generic brand to be released in 2012. Is there such thing as a bargain price to lessen the effects of one concern, that an individual will willingly risk shortening their life with another? With all the drugs on the market these days I can’t help but wonder what the point is of taking something that will encourage our bodies to react in such a negative way? Then I wonder if faced with having to take something I know will make me better in one way but cause something in another matter, what conscious decision would you make? In another legal battle against the FDA, it was said information regarding a side effect was undisclosed to the public regarding it was an “irrational standard”. So at what point should medicine manufactures have to disclose all reported side effects? Reading all fine print or listening to television ads can be very nerve-wrecking. On the average drug label, listed are about 70 different side effects, while there is 84 different drugs on the market currently that list well over 300! Researcher from the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Jon Duke, says these warnings generate “information overload”. It’s mindboggling that with all this unrecognizable...

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